Testimonial on Colic Relief through Chiropractic!

I took my 4 week old daughter to Dr. Lanpher to be treated for reflux. Dr. Lanpher took the time to explain to me why infants have reflux, and how these treatments will help. After just one adjustment, I noticed a huge difference. She was sleeping, had less gas, and best of all her colic was significantly better. She's 11 weeks now, and still goes for her regular adjustments.

- Andrea

Acupuncture Stopped My Smoking!


I had been smoking for 13 years, about half a pack a day. Dr. Duncan saw me ONE TIME, and did the acupuncture "quit smoking" technique, which was very relaxing, and I have not wanted to smoke since! I have no desire and I love it!


~ Local Hair Stylist

Acid Reflux Help

Thanks to Dr. Lanpher, I have been living a nausea free life!

I was able to count on being nauseous....or worse....every single day!

I was told by the MDs that I would likely be on acid reflux medications for the rest of my life.

With regular spinal & stomach adjustments, my stomach stopped getting all caught up into my ribcage & I stopped all medication!!

I was on my way to getting back my quality of life & keep it that way through natural means!

Life changing!!!!

- Lori

Pregnancy Joy


I had been unable to get pregnant for 5 years. My husband and I hit a deer with our car on July 16th. Then I started Chiropractic treatments on July 17th at Lanpher Chiropractic Clinic. My low back was mainly adjusted in those first few weeks. On August 21st I had an appointment scheduled with a reproductive endocrinologist, as how to go about my fertility treatment. In order to start the medication my doctor wanted me to take I was required to take a pregnancy test, and on September 6th, 2009 that test came back positive! I WAS PREGNANT!! The only explaination was that the adjustments I had been getting on my low back from the car accident had helped me get pregnant! When I told the staff at Lanpher Chiropractic, we looked at the calendar, and the first treatments I had received were one week before my husband and I conceived our very first baby! That was no coincidence to either of us. Thank you so much to everyone at Lanpher Chiropractic Clinic.



Dizziness and Lightheadedness

Dr. Lanpher has helped me so much! All summer I suffered with lightheadedness and dizziness, and Dr. Lanpher treated me by adjusting my neck and doing the Epley's Maneuver on me. My head is now "normal" again. A few years ago my hand was so numb that I could hardly use it. Getting treatments from Dr. Lanpher made me well again. And I'm sure by continuing to take treatments I won't have to face back surgery, which is great because my goal has always been "no surgery and no drugs".


Best Kept Secret in Sioux Falls


Hi, this is Colleen Wolf. I was seeing another chiropractor when I found out about Dr. Lanpher, back in June of 2011. I was doing ok with the other chiropractor but was not greatly impressed with the results I was getting. I wanted more out of my sessions than I was getting, besides getting my neck adjusted, and having exercises to do and E-stim, none of which was bad; it just seemed endless and boring, and to be honest not very effectve.

I wanted more than an adjustment on my neck and back, and I was interested in the kinesiology side of things. I am open to homeopathic remedies and found Dr. Lanpher has knowledge and experience with unconventional methods that helped me tremendously. I told him he was the "best kept secret in Sioux Falls" and I still believe it!

I had a run in with a deer in December and had several adjustments done during an 8 week period, the last of which was today! I was not out of place at all, so received no adjustment, and I feel great!

Thanks to Dr. Lanpher and his patient, kind and winning ways I will continue to see him on an as needed basis, and recommend him to anyone is tired of mainstream chiropractic methods.


~ Colleen Wolf