What We Do


  • Chiropractic​ Adjustments                                           Full spine and extremity adjustments that correct misalignments of any joint where dysfunction is found. Dysfunction can be seen or felt as pain or restricted motion.        

  • Pregnancy Help & Support                  Spinal adjustments can help promote fertility and encourage conception. During pregnancy the entire spine, but especially the pelvis need regular adjustments in order for Mommy's-to-be to feel their best. Labor can also be much easier with the help of the pelvis being in proper alignment.                            

  • Infant & Pediatric Adjustments                         Keep your little ones happy and healthy with gentle adjustments to feel the best they possibly can.  Chiropractic has been proven to help with infantile colic, sleep issues, infantile reflux, and earaches.

  • Geriatric Adjustments                                                As we age, our joints lose the flexibility they once had. Keep them as healthy as possible with regular, gentle adjustments no matter what age you are.

  • Applied Kinesiology​                                            Manual muscle testing for muscle and joint problems, as well as evaluating the acupuncture meridians and alarm points.

  • Acupuncture                                          Needling techniques are available for helping to treat Seasonal Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Addiction Therapy for Smoking, Weight Loss, Alcoholism and Compulsive Behaviors, Headaches/Migraines, Digestive Disorders, Joint Pain/Muscle Tension, Hormone Regulation - Females, Fertility Therapy, and Depression/Anxiety Therapy.

  • Nutritional Counseling​​​​​​​                                          Helping to determine nutritional plans for individual patients. This can include which foods to include or exclude from the diet to feel the best. We can also  recommend supplements to help with certain conditions, as well as general wellness.

  • Diet & Weight Loss Help​​​                                         We offer several cleanse or detoxification programs that can help with weight loss and general cleansing of the body's toxins.

  • Digestive Problem Resolution​                       Help with heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, gastric ulcers, H. Pylori infections, gas and bloating. These conditions can be improved by spinal adjustments and supplement recommendations.

  • Allergy Testing​                                                                          Non-invasive allergy testing to help determine allergens and food sensitivities. This can be very informative for those suffering from long term immune problems or sensitivities that are unknown but are constantly pulling the system down. This is done through manual muscle testing.

  • Custom Arch Supports                                        Footlevelers brand orthotics can be custom made for patients from a digitized scan of your feet to determine areas of high pressure that need correction. FREE scans and foot analysis are always available.

  • Non-Custom Arch Supports                 and Footwear                                         Stylish, trendy shoes and sandals with built-in arch supports for those with dropped arches. Also, non-custom arch supports are available to slip in your shoes and correct fallen arches.

  • Complex Cases                                                                         Patients suffering from multiple conditions, who may be hesitant to see a Chiropractor are always welcome.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents                           Full service care to those who have been in accidents, and collaboration with insurance companies and attorneys.

  • Worker's Compensation                           Full service care to those who have been in an accident at work, and collaboration with insurance companies.

At Lanpher Chiropractic we care about our patients' Wellness.


Many people, when they think of Chiropractic care, think of managing some pain they are dealing with, such as headaches, whiplash from a car accident, back pain, shoulder problems or a sprained ankle.


Here at Lanpher Chiropractic we care about those aches and pains as well as your overall health, from your head down to your toes, and everything in-between.

We offer a range of treatment options

in the following areas: